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The perfect roofing choice for Hawaii Homes

What Makes Brava High-Performance?

When deciding on what roofing material to use on your home, Brava composite tile should be at the top of your list.  You might be wondering:  “What is composite tile?” or “Why should I use Brava composite roof tile on my home?”



Made of recycled and recyclable material, we turn plastic destined for the landfill into a beautiful and durable roof that itself is fully recyclable.







The Advantages of Synthetic Roofing by BRAVA

When a community is developed, architecture and design are critical to success. Creating a cohesive and beautiful-looking community is easy with Brava roofing.  Available in a variety of styles to fit nearly every type of house or structure, the lightweight design of Brava roofing means it can be installed on any roof without any costly structural modifications or special tools.


Authentic Look.  Unrivaled Performance.
Brava roofing has the color, look, and texture of natural materials like slate, wood and clay. It is available in a wide variety of colors to fit a homeowner’s desire. Infused with natural minerals, our patented process allows for each piece to have a blend of colors – mirroring the beauty of nature itself.

Safety and protection are important issues
Homeowners’ associations have banned the use of wood shake shingles because they require high maintenance, degrade over time, and are a fire risk. Using our patented molding process, we produce roofing that looks just as beautiful but is far stronger than traditional natural materials.

This enables the roof to withstand the elements of wind, rain, hail, fire, and sun. There is no splitting, rotting, decaying, or color fading, and no need for special fire-resistant treatments.

With Class A or Class C fire rating, Brava roofing resists wildfires beautifully. They can self-extinguish and create minimal heat transfer to prevent the spread of flames across the surface of the roof. Certified for Class 4 impact resistance, Brava also meets the highest level of impact protection roofing materials can achieve, so hail is no problem.


Brava Roof Tile is the leader in producing technologically-advanced synthetic roof tiles that carry the highest levels of protection from wind, rain and cold, as well as fire, hail, mold, and mildew.


Three different natural-looking synthetic tiles:

Brava Cedar Shake
Brava Old World Slate
Brava Spanish Tile

All three styles feature the characteristics of their natural counterparts and can be produced in an almost endless assortment of solid and mixed colors. A 50-year limited warranty protects our tiles, and they can be purchased almost anywhere around the globe.  Brava is committed to eco-friendly processes.  Our tiles are made from 100%-recycled material that can be recycled again when needed, helping keep the load on landfills minimal.


More than ever, homeowners want a house that is ecologically efficient and causes less harm to the environment. At Brava, we use recycled materials to create a beautiful and durable roof that is recyclable.


Why Brava Is Better
There is an enormous amount of waste flowing out of the roofing industry, and we aim to avoid that cycle. An eco-friendly solution, our composite roof tile is made of compressed recycled plastics and other sustainable/recyclable materials. This creates a composite tile that is much lighter in weight than traditional roofing systems, which reduces the weight of motor vehicles
that transport them, increasing fuel efficiency and lowering emissions.


No Trees Cut, No Natural Resources Damaged, No Energy Wasted
Brava turns recycled plastics into beautiful and durable roofing material. Our composite products avoid depleting natural resources such as quarries for slate or lumber for wood shakes. And no energy is wasted mining slate, extracting clay, or harvesting trees.


Recycle and Reuse
Backed by a 50-year transferable warranty, our products are more durable and will outlast asphalt, coated roof coverings, and cedar shakes. Any scraps from installation can be recycled into new material. What’s more, our composite tiles have a lower carbon footprint than traditional roofing shingles, when considering their full life cycle.

Beautifully Authentic High Performance Roofing

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If you are unsure of what would look best on your home or business you can stop in at our Kapaa location; it is our pleasure to match you with the best roofing option to match your home or buildings’  style.